about us

About Us

Aewon Garment and Embroidery started out in 2006 as a modest T-shirts manufacturing company in Jerudong with about 20 employees. Today, almost 10 years on, it has expanded its operation to a 120 strong workforce from production at Mulaut to include retail showrooms at Kiarong, Airport Mall and Seria. Aewon has also diversified its activities to include tailoring, professional outfit, work wear and also personal protective equipment (PPE).

The continuous growth of Aewon is attributed by its strong commitment to produce quality apparel at affordable prices. We work hard to keep every project within the budget and on time. This integrity and dedication to our customer has led us to build strong relationship with them and thus gain their trust and loyalty.

Our Mission

Aewon’s first 10 years was at times challenging but through sheer determination and hard work we successfully raise the standard and quality of “Made in Brunei” apparel to the market. We strived to develop and upgrade our facilities and equipment (with up-to-date technology) to better serve our customers. This has led to our facilities in Kiarong to be upgraded to a one-of-a- kind showroom in Brunei for apparel design and manufacturing thus providing employees with a pleasant working environment and also providing customers with a relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable experience with complimentary refreshment by Treats@Aewon.

The next decade will see us diversifying our activities. Part of it is the Aewon Work Wear, where we will provide both blue and white collar workers with their respective professional outfit, be it cargo pants or uniforms in all sectors of profession. This will come in ready-made trendy cargo pants or customised according to the needs of the customers. This is made possible with the collaboration of an international manufacturer based in India which will further enhance both the knowledge and expertise of Aewon. Future collaboration or joint-ventures domestically or internationally is also under our diversification agenda.

Quality garments can only be produce with qualified and competent workers, supervisors and managers who will operate, oversee and manage the production line. Hence, the human factor plays an integral part in the overall production and as part of our social corporate responsibility, we are prepared to impart this skills and knowledge to our local youth who can venture into the garment industry.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our customers with international standard work wear that spells quality, functionality and affordability - knowing that our customers will leave our stores with satisfaction.

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